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Exploring the gym!

9 Jun 2021 By RACHEL CHEW

I did it, I braved the scales. A combination of Ramadan, Eid and my birthday has meant I am now 3.5kg heavier than I was a month ago. 

Unless you’ve been living under a rock you may have noticed it’s got VERY hot recently, meaning exercising has got much harder. I love a hike but its meaning getting up at 4am to beat the sun which is knackering me out. I know what you’re thinking, just go for a sunrise hike, however, my show on Hi FM doesn’t end until 7pm and I’m normally too hungry to work out so I go home, eat dinner, and then if I have the energy I do a late night walk around Qurm/Wattayah.

What I have failed to mention is my late-night chocolate cravings which leads to binging meaning, that extra weight isn’t coming off easily. 

Therefore, I have taken the plunge, I have signed up with a personal trainer. I’ve been apprehensive due to COVID-19 to join a gym, but ‘Elevate’ in Azaiba is brand new, so it’s super clean and not too busy. I was expecting to have someone shouting at me but Josh the owner is super chilled, friendly and informative. 

Why now? COVID pending, I have a wedding that I need to attend in September – due to the pandemic it has been rescheduled four times – so here’s hoping I actually get to go as it’s one of my best friends’ and she has asked me to be a bridesmaid. Meaning I will no doubt be in a few photos, so I am using this as my goal to look and feel better.

I have agreed to three sessions a week, so no doubt you will still see me sweating at weekends on The Sa’al steps or at a wadi. I will try and not become one of those people who talks about the gym and protein shakes 24/7. 

Just promise me you won’t tell me off if you see me binging on shawarmas and lemon mint still. I’m a foodie after all, I can’t resist them.


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