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IFFC, Dutch firm Skretting join forces in aqua feed innovation

3 Sep 2023 IFFC, Dutch firm Skretting join forces in aqua feed innovation By OUR CORRESPONDENT

Muscat – Oman’s International Fish Feed Company (IFFC) has entered into a strategic partnership with a Netherlands-based company to give a fillip to the country’s fisheries and aquaculture industries.

This collaboration with Skretting, a subsidiary of the Nutreco, the global leader in aqua feed and animal nutrition solutions. is set to elevate IFFC’s impact in the aquaculture sector, capitalising on Skretting’s renowned expertise in feed and nutrition, industry experts said.

With a state-of-the-art aqua feed facility in the pipeline, Duqm-based IFFC is gearing up for commercial production by the end of 2024 with an annual capacity of 31,200 metric tonnes.

This ambitious project aligns with Oman Vision 2040 and the United Nations’ Strategic Development Goals, emphasising both economic growth and environmental sustainability within Oman. As the global appetite for sustainable seafood continues to grow, the aquaculture industry grapples with its own set of challenges, chiefly ensuring optimal diets for marine species while keeping an eye on environmental footprints.

IFFC, fully cognisant of these challenges, is poised to roll out innovative, sustainable, and efficient aqua feed solutions, stated a press release.

Nutreco’s vast experience in animal nutrition has cemented its reputation worldwide.

‘This alliance between IFFC and Skretting promises to amalgamate the expertise of both entities, paving the way for pioneering aqua feeds. These feeds aim to boost the vitality, growth, and ecological sustainability of marine species in Oman,’ IFFC stated.

Additionally, IFFC will tap into Skretting’s expansive R&D facilities, its global network, and a diverse ingredient portfolio. The joint endeavour will zero in on refining the nutritional content of aqua feeds, exploring novel ingredients, and adopting sustainable sourcing norms.

Simultaneously, IFFC will serve as Skretting’s exclusive distributor within Oman, catering to the sultanate’s fish and shrimp farming community with a plethora of innovative and sustainable feed products.

In a joint statement, Hay Kleuskens, Director of Nutreco for the Middle East and Africa, and Salim al Amri, CEO of IFFC, expressed their collective vision.

“Together, we aspire to redefine aquaculture nutrition, innovate in feed solutions, and champion the industry’s sustainability. We regard this partnership as a pivotal moment for IFFC, and we’re optimistic about the transformative influence it will exert on regional aquaculture.”

The IFFC and Skretting collaboration heralds a new era in aquaculture.

‘Our combined knowledge and shared aspirations are set to redefine aqua feed standards, promoting aquaculture’s sustainable growth’, stated IFFC.

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