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Mall of Muscat expands its leisure and dining spectrum with opening of two exclusive outlets

11 Jun 2024

Muscat – Mall of Muscat, leading leisure and entertainment destination, has enhanced its diverse portfolio with the introduction of two exciting new outlets, Bubble Lab and Dose Cafe. These additions have lifted the mall’s already wide-ranging offerings, providing visitors with unique culinary experiences.

Taking a prime spot in the main atrium on the ground floor on the mall Bubble Lab is already impressing visitors. Renowned for putting a creative spin on the traditional tea and gelato scene, Bubble Lab is Oman’s beloved destination for bubble tea and gelato enthusiasts. The outlet offers an innovative selection of iced teas, smoothies, and an array of gelato flavours, all designed to bring joy and a smile to its patrons. With a focus on flavourful beverages and delightful treats, Bubble Lab is heading to become a go-to spot for those in pursuit of bubbly bliss.

Newly opened Dose Cafe is located in the main atrium on the Ground Floor. Originating from Kuwait, with branches across the GCC including Qatar, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Bahrain, and Oman, Dose Cafe is a renowned specialty coffee house. It takes pride in its selection of 100% Arabica specialty beans, sourced from regions with ideal climates for coffee cultivation. These beans are known for their full cup taste and unique flavours. Dose Cafe distinguishes itself by employing specialised brewing techniques such as V60, Chemex, Hario drip, Aeropress, and Syphon, enhancing the coffee-drinking experience. Additionally, it offers a variety of freshly baked goods and light meals, all made from scratch with the finest ingredients. Dose Cafe is already a sanctuary for coffee lovers and those who appreciate freshly made, premium food.

The introduction of Bubble Lab and Dose Cafe underscores Mall of Muscat’s commitment to providing a dynamic and enriching shopping and leisure experience. These outlets are set to cater to the eclectic tastes and preferences of mall visitors, adding to the mall’s reputation as a comprehensive destination for not just shopping but also for innovative beverages, world-class beauty products, and the latest fashion trends.

A spokesperson for Mall of Muscat expressed excitement about the new additions, stating, “We are pleased to enrich the Mall of Muscat experience with Bubble Lab and Dose Cafe. Each outlet brings a unique flavour to our diverse range of offerings, reinforcing our commitment to offering our visitors a dynamic and comprehensive shopping and leisure experience. We are pleased to welcome everyone to these new destinations, inviting them to discover what makes each outlet special.”

Mall of Muscat, an epitome of retail, leisure, food, and adventure in Oman, offers an unmitigated experience, combining shopping, entertainment, and thrill-seeking adventures in one grand locale. Traversing over 200,000 square meters and hosting more than 240 brands, it caters to every shopping need, enhanced by the convenience of ample parking. The leisure experiences are equally diverse, featuring the largest aquarium in the Middle East, Oman Aquarium, and an advanced cinematic experience at Novo Cinema. Culinary delights abound with a wide range of international cuisines. Fashion enthusiasts find their paradise here, with an array of choices from budget-friendly to luxury brands. Adventure is redefined with Fun VR, Oman’s leading Virtual Reality Gaming Arena, Fabyland’s varied attractions for younger guests, and Xtreme Zone’s active play areas. Mall of Muscat offers a splendid voyage filled with joy, luxury, and exhilaration, inviting visitors to delve into a special outing.

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