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Oman’s largest zoo set to open in Eid in North Sharqiyah

26 Mar 2024 Oman's largest zoo set to open in Eid in North Sharqiyah By MOHAMMED TAHA

Muscat – The first phase of Oman’s largest zoo, named Safari World, is set to open in the wilayat of Ibra in North Sharqiyah on the second day of Eid al Fitr.

Speaking to Muscat Daily, Khalfan bin Said al Maamari, the zoo’s director, shared his vision of Safari World becoming a key attraction in the sultanate’s expanding tourism portfolio.

Spread across a sprawling 286,000sqm, Safari World will initially open its first phase, covering an area of 120,000sqm.

The zoo will showcase a diverse collection of animals, ranging from household pets to apex predators and rare animals such as the Arabian oryx, alongside recreational facilities that promise a unique experience to visitors.

It will display over 300 animals from across the world, including majestic tigers and lions as well as deer and a variety of birds, all set against the backdrop of lush grasslands.

In addition to a rich biodiversity, Safari World will offer visitors a comprehensive entertainment experience, featuring a water park and a dedicated area for family activities.

Highlighting the educational aspect of the zoo, Maamari said, “We are committed to educating school children about endangered species and the critical importance of wildlife conservation.”

Maamari hopes the facility will not just host a vast variety of animals and birds but also position Oman – Ibra in particular – as a premier tourism destination.

Building Safari World came with numerous challenges, with the project being in the making for a decade. Maamari gives credit for the inspiration behind the zoo to his father. “Collecting animals from various countries involved overcoming significant logistical hurdles. However, through perseverance and meticulous planning we have been able to replicate the natural habitats of the species on display.”

Maamari has grand plans for the expansion of Safari World. The second phase will introduce even more exotic species, including elephants, and see the addition of more attractions like a water park and an enclosed theme park.

His goal is to offer a diverse ‘safari world’ that represents ecosystems from Arab, European, Asian and African regions, making it a truly global zoo.

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