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All Creatures Great and Small

9 Jan 2021

The Rangrez group of Indian artists presents its first virtual art exhibition in Oman which is slated to be inaugurated over the coming weekend in all likelihood (as some permissions ar awaited). The exhibition, titled ‘All Creatures Great and Small’, will feature the exclusive works of 37 artists on the common theme of saluting the animal kingdom in a bid to conserve the environment.

Active founding member of the group and artist, Sushmita Gupta disclosed that it was decided to hold a virtual exhibition for the first time due to the pandemic and various restrictions which could evoke a restricted patronage. While most artists have not got an opportunity to exhibit their works due to the pandemic and the spate of lockdowns in its wake, it also give them extra time to create more artworks and discover newer elements of their own skills, she pointed out.

Rangrez is an Indian Social Club initiative. All members of this artists’ group are Indians who jointly showcase their works. However, for upcoming endeavours, there are plans to invite artists of different nationalities in Oman to participate together, she disclosed.

“As a convener of Rangrez, I have decided to invite different artists to curate some exhibitions. Harini Kumar, a senior artist in our group, is my first. She decided on the name and the theme of this exhibition. We were asked to choose absolutely anything from the animal kingdom for our artworks. We were also given the freedom to represent these in any fashion we wished, not just on canvas,” Sushmita told Muscat Daily, adding that the exhibits on display will carry details of the respective artists, and it will be their own call, how much they wish to price each artwork, or if they wish to donate the proceeds for any cause. 

“This is our first virtual exhibition at Rangrez. All our plans for the year have been visualised for the twin purpose of going ‘on-line’ as well as ‘real’ in terms of size of the work or any other details. I am excited that our exhibition has the potential to reach far corners of the planet in a ‘ghost to ghost’ link up style by sharing the link of the event. Children who wish to be inspired by art, adults who love art, and the old and infirm (who can not leave the confines of their homes) are all our taget audience. We wish to bring colour and joy to the lives of everyone who are willing to let us in,” Sushmita added.

The current exhibition is seen as a mature step for Rangrez. All artists have broken their barriers and gone a notch or two ahead in their work, she said, expressing satisfaction over the group’s transition in the mode of conveying art. 

Some of the works on display include:


The Philosopher and the Materialist (Modernist)

Sushmita Gupta

“We all exist as a combination of the two. Sometimes we are more of one than the other. Both live side by side peacefully and sometimes not,” says the arist


Untitled (Eagle in flight)

Prakashan Puthur – a guest artist


Tiger (Hyper realistic)

Anjali Babu 


Gossamer Wings (Abstact)

By Harini Kumar


Hiding in Plain Sight (Mixed media)

Asawari Deoras


Roar from Africa (Nail art)

Dr Hafsa Banu


Elegance (Dot art)

Sutanwi Ray


Bird Call (Paper cutting)

Debjani Bhardwaj


I want my Papa! (Realistic)

Nessie Nazerane

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