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Welcome back!

23 Aug 2020

Dear Loyal Reader, Apex Media is delighted to resume the printing and delivery of your favourite daily newspaper, Muscat Daily and we hope that you enjoyed our freely available daily digital E-Paper during the past few months as we adhered to the specific media sector directives from the Supreme Committee for COVID-19.  

Our clear ambition throughout this period was to maintain the high quality of journalism and reporting that has resulted in Muscat Daily becoming Oman’s best-selling newspaper.   In the absence of our traditional newspaper, we relied on online news channels. A recent survey conducted by Muscat Daily attracted hundreds of respondents, critically revealing that 97 per cent of participants agreed that our market leading newspaper brand is a trusted source of information in a world awash with fake online news. We are totally committed to maintaining this quality with all our media brands, irrespective of whether they are online, offline or both. 

Apex Media is dedicated to supporting and promoting a clean and healthy society and never more so than in this current global pandemic.  With respect to the newspaper industry, we draw your attention to a statement from the International News Media Association (INMA), the world’s leading provider of global best practices for news media companies. They have stated that there has never been a reported incident of COVID-19 being transmitted via newsprint.  

“The early scientific research on virus transmission to inanimate surfaces suggests porous surfaces carry the lowest potency for the shortest period of time. Newspapers are even more sterile because of the ink and the printing process they go through,” said Earl Wilkinson, the INMA’s executive director and chief executive officer, in a report published on the INMA website.  

The challenging global environment in which we now exist, demands increased support for family, friends, work colleagues and commercial partners if we are to navigate through this crisis to a safer future. All economic sectors have been hit badly and not least the publishing and media companies. Suffice to say, it is with a warm heart and best wishes that we are with you again in print and may this signify yet another green shoot of recovery. 

Thank you for your continued support and for reading Muscat Daily.  

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