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Oman can maximise gains from Expo 2020 participation: Organiser

23 Feb 2020

Oman can reap many benefits from Expo 2020, Mohammed Issa al Ansari, spokesman for Expo 2020 Dubai and VP of Communications, said. 

Ansari said that Expo 2020 is the first international exposition to be hosted by the Middle East, Africa and South Asia.  

Oman’s participation shows the country’s interest in the finer details of the global event, he said. 

Ansari added that Oman’s participation will contribute in boosting world awareness about success stories that the country has made in different fields. 

Ansari said that the steady progress made by Oman in different sectors – at social and economic levels- reaffirms its ability to grab opportunities in international events like Expo 2020 Dubai. 

It will be an opportunity for Oman to realise more welfare for its people and meaningfully contribute to issues of concern to the region and humanity at large, said Ansari.  

“We express our confidence in the sultanate’s ability to gain from the event in a manner that enhances world awareness about Omani’s accomplishments across all sectors.” 

The logo chosen by Oman for its pavilion matches two of the expo’s themes – ‘opportunities’ and ‘transport’, said Ansari, adding that ‘major progress’ has been made by the sultanate towards the third theme of ‘sustainability’. 

He stressed that Oman’s participation is expected to be comprehensive and fruitful in the overall set of theme that Expo 2020 Dubai will highlight. 

Ansari said that Oman’s pavilion, whose design is derived from the frankincense tree, will be one of the landmarks of Expo 2020 Dubai. 

Speaking about the stand of those entrusted with Oman’s participation in Expo 2020 Dubai, Ansari said that there is keenness to consolidate cooperation with other participating countries, establishments and companies.  

“This will strengthen the world’s awareness about the great potential of the sultanate as an attractive tourism destination. The sultanate’s pavilion will fascinate millions of visitors.” 


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