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191km Sharqiyah Expressway opens; ministry sets emergency regulations

21 Jan 2020

The Ministry of Transport opened the Sharqiyah Expressway for traffic on Monday. The 191km stretch of the expressway between Bidbid and Al Kamil W’Al Wafi, and passing through Wadi Alaq, will see a trial run for three months.


Starting from the opening on Monday, only light vehicles are being allowed to use the stretch. The ministry has urged motorists to follow alarm systems in case of emergency. The ministry said that alarm systems will regulate the temperature inside the two tunnels and prevent the entry of cars to avoid suffocation.


In case of fire, sprinklers will be activated to douse the flames and exhaust fans will push the smoke out. Each tunnel has emergency exits at every 30m.


If there is a halt of traffic due to accidents in the tunnels, motorists should leave their cars and walk to emergency exits for evacuation, the ministry said.


‘In case of emergency, motorists must contact the Public Authority for Civil Defence and Ambulances on 9999.’

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