Friday, June 21
09:07 PM

Global consortium explores Oman’s green fuel potential


Muscat – A group of global companies, including Dutco (Dubai Transport Co), Sumitomo Corporation Middle East, Automobili Lamborghini, Airbus, and Oman’s OQ Alternative Energy, have formed the Oman Sustainable Cars and Aviation Refuelling (OSCAR) consortium. The OSCAR consortium’s aim is to study Oman’s potential for producing alternative fuels such as e-Gasoline and e-SAF (Sustainable Aviation Fuels).

The proposed concept study will explore the production of e-fuels (e-SAF and e-Gasoline) in Oman on a pilot scale, with the possibility of scaling it up to a commercial-size project later. The study will focus on identifying the most appropriate pathways for production, utilising qualifying hydrogen and CO2 sources.

An agreement signing ceremony was held in the presence of H E Eng Salim Nasser al Aufi, Minister of Energy and Minerals; H E Said bin Hamoud al Mawali, Minister of Transport, Communications, and Information Technology; Eng Naif Ali al Abri, Chairman of Oman Civil Aviation; and Ashraf bin Hamed al Mamari, Acting Group CEO of OQ.

The joint study agreement was signed by Najla al Jamali, Chief Executive of OQ Alternative Energy, and Ahmad Sharaf, CEO of Dutco’s Energy Division. The ceremony was also attended by Sami Kamel, CEO of Dutco’s Cleantech Division; Rutigliano Stefano, Strategy Director at Automobili Lamborghini; Hideki Suruga, Deputy CEO and CFO of Sumitomo Corporation Middle East; and Mikail Houari, President of Airbus Africa and Middle East.

Electric Natural Gas

OQ Alternative Energy and Tree Energy Solutions (TES), a Europe-based global green energy company, have also entered into a joint study agreement to assess the development of an electric natural gas (e-NG) facility in Oman. The agreement was signed by Najla al Jamali and Marco Alverà, CEO and Co-Founder of TES.

Electric natural gas is derived from green hydrogen. Oman has been at the forefront of developing a green hydrogen economy, aiming to produce over 1mn tonnes per annum of green hydrogen by 2030. The country’s abundant renewable resources, particularly wind and solar, combined with a one-stop-shop implementation framework under Hydrom’s directives, have positioned Oman as one of the most promising green hydrogen production hubs in the region.

e-NG, a green hydrogen-based molecule, is chemically identical to natural gas. It is produced by combining green hydrogen with CO2 through a methanation process known as the Sabatier reaction, resulting in green methane. This process leverages existing infrastructure for liquefaction, regasification, transportation, and storage. Importantly, it offers a seamless transition for industrial usage, gradually replacing natural gas.

In a press statement, Najla al Jamali expressed enthusiasm for the collaboration with Tree Energy Solutions (TES) on the e-NG joint study agreement. She said, “At OQ, we are committed to advancing Oman’s energy transition through building partnerships, creating innovative solutions, and implementing sustainable practices. This collaboration marks our dedication to innovation, sustainability, and shaping the future of energy. Collaborating on the study helps us move forward to identify additional downstream opportunities and diversify markets for green hydrogen.”

Marco Alverà, CEO and Co-Founder of TES, said, “This agreement with OQ Alternative Energy underscores our dedication to advancing the global energy transition and strengthens our commitment and leadership presence in the Middle East. By harnessing the expertise of OQ Alternative Energy, we are enabling the production of green hydrogen at an industrial scale, making e-fuels accessible and cost-effective.”

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