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1,539 residential fires reported in 2023; CDAA calls for caution

1 Jun 2024 1,539 residential fires reported in 2023

Muscat – Civil Defence and Ambulance Authority (CDAA) has released data showing 1,539 residential fire incidents were reported in 2023, up 14.4% from 1,345 in 2022.

In statement, CDAA said residential fires account for a significant part of the emergencies that the authority’s firefighting teams respond to.

‘Homes are filled with potential fire hazards due to the presence of electrical appliances, cooking gas and other flammable materials. Without strict adherence to safety measures, these elements can easily lead to devastating fires.’

Some of the most common causes of fires in residential facilities include not closing the gas cylinder after cooking or when leaving the house. ‘This simple oversight can result in gas leaks, which are a major fire risk,’ CDAA stated.

Another risk arises from children playing with lighters and matches. Their natural curiosity can quickly lead to dangerous situations if they are in possession of these items.

Smoking is another cause of fires. Disposing cigarette butts improperly, such as tossing these in places not designated for smoking, can easily ignite a fire.

‘Leaving food unattended on stoves is a frequent cause of kitchen fires. A momentary distraction can lead to a disaster if a pot or pan overheats.’

Electrical issues are also a major concern. Overloading electrical sockets is a common practice in many households. It can cause short circuits and fires. Additionally, leaving electrical appliances on for extended periods can result in overheating and subsequent fires.

‘Regular maintenance of electrical appliances and tools is crucial, yet often neglected. Without proper upkeep, these items can malfunction and start a fire. Furthermore, having electrical connections installed and maintained by unqualified individuals increases the risk of faulty wiring and electrical fires. Lastly, using electrical tools and devices that do not conform to standard specifications can also be dangerous, as these items may not be safe for use.’

To mitigate these risks, it is essential for homeowners to observe safety measures and be vigilant, CDAA stated. ‘By doing so, homeowners can significantly reduce the likelihood of fires in their residences, ensuring a safer environment for themselves and their families.’

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