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Khoula Hospital uses extendable magnetic rods to correct spine curvature

20 May 2024 Khoula Hospital uses extendable magnetic rods to correct scoliosis

Muscat – In a groundbreaking medical advancement, a team at Khoula Hospital successfully performed the first surgery in Oman using extendable magnetic rods to correct scoliosis in a young Omani girl. The four-hour long procedure represents a significant step forward in paediatric orthopaedics within the sultanate.

Scoliosis is a sideways curvature of the spine that most often is diagnosed in adolescents. 

Dr Sultan bin Saif bin Ali al Kalbani, head of the spine unit and the lead surgeon, explained that the magnetic rods can be adjusted every three months using a remote, avoiding the need for further invasive surgery and allowing the spine to grow normally. 

This method not only prevents the worsening of scoliosis but also protects vital organs like the lungs from being affected by the spinal curvature.

The introduction of this sophisticated treatment domestically marks a departure from the previous necessity of seeking such solutions abroad. 

Dr Kalbani pointed out that due to the complexity of the surgery, its significance in enhancing the local medical capabilities is profound.

Moreover, the medical team at Khoula Hospital also pioneered another first by removing cartilage from the nerve canal using a minimally invasive laparoscopic technique, which does not require fusing the vertebrae – a common practice in traditional methods.

Dr Rashid bin Mohammed al Alawi, Director General of Khoula Hospital, expressed pride in achieving such advancements locally, emphasising the hospital’s ongoing commitment to reducing dependency on overseas medical treatments and enhancing the quality of healthcare in Oman. 

Dr Alawi stressed that these developments are indicative of significant investment in medical infrastructure and the high level of expertise available at the hospital.

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