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Sustainability is a mindset, says green warrior Hopibi

25 Feb 2024 Sustainability is a mindset, says green warrior Hopibi

Hi friends, 

I’m back, your old friend Hopibi!

Some of you might remember me as Oman’s ‘Bitter about Litter’ champion. Others will get to know me better, by and by, as we continue our mission to make Oman a more environment-friendly and sustainable place to live in.

They say, sustainability is not a scientific concept, but rather a mindset. You may set up a business, build a house or deliberate on making the planet a better place for future generations with all your senses focused on sustainability. Or you may simply enjoy a picnic or a party with friends and yet do it in a sustainable fashion – it would all depend on your mindset, the materials you use and discard, your choices and challenges, and, above all, your concern about not disturbing your surroundings after the din of your revelry has settled.

Simply put, sustainability entails fulfilling the needs of the current generation without compromising the needs of future generations. It is all about striking a balance between economic development and maintaining the resources and beauty of the planet.

I’m really excited these days – I hear a group of school students in Muscat is getting ready to showcase projects at the annual Sustainability Fair that will be held on February 27. Mentored by tutors who have helped school teams find expression for their vibrant ideas and dreams, these students are all set to showcase new ways of doing old tasks in a sustainable fashion. And there is a strong message for everyone that will not only tug at your heart strings but also set you thinking to usher in change in lifestyles.

They say old habits die hard… But it’s time to put these to death! Let’s take care of litter and leaks; let’s do things differently – recycle and reuse; let’s keep the air we breathe cleaner and the lawns a little greener.

See you around at the Oman Sustainability Fair 2024 tomorrow at W Muscat!

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