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EA launches drive to plant 500 frankincense trees in Dhofar

30 Jan 2024 EA launches drive to plant 500 frankincense trees in Dhofar

Muscat – Environment Authority (EA), through its Directorate General of Environment in Dhofar governorate, has initiated the first phase of a frankincense tree planting project. 

The initiative, part of a national drive to plant 10mn indigenous trees, began with the plantation of 500 frankincense trees in Frankincense Garden located in the Mudam area. 

This effort aligns with the directorate’s ambitious plan to plant and distribute 60,000 wild trees this year.

The Frankincense Garden in Mudam in the wilayat of Salalah is envisioned as one of several environmental parks, which are designed to host a variety of Dhofar’s native wild trees. The garden, spread over 181,000sqm, can accommodate over 11,000 trees, making it a significant contributor to the region’s biodiversity.

This initiative is a collaborative effort involving the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Water Resources, the Nature Conservation Society (currently in the process of establishment) and the local community.

It is aimed at bolstering and broadening vegetation cover as a part of a comprehensive programme to combat desertification. These efforts are crucial for the protection and sustainability of natural resources, particularly in regions vulnerable to environmental degradation.

On Monday, EA reported a 5.09% increase in tree cover in Dhofar since 1994, indicating progress in combating desertification.

Planting frankincense trees not only enhances green cover but also preserves the unique ecological and cultural heritage of Dhofar, famed for its frankincense. 

This project represents a vital step in Oman’s commitment to environmental conservation and sustainable development.

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