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Municipality unveils plan to renovate Muttrah Souq

7 Nov 2023 Municipality unveils plan to renovate Muttrah Souq By OUR CORRESPONDENT

Muscat – Muscat Municipality has commenced a project to renovate the iconic Muttrah Souq, incorporating modern services and facilities in the historic market while retaining its cultural essence.

In its efforts to transform the souq into a hub for tourists and traders alike, the civic body has floated a tender for development proposals rooted in clean energy and sustainable technology.

The envisioned upgrade includes installation of solar panel canopies aimed at energy conservation and supporting the souq’s transition to clean energy. The project also seeks to replace old roofs with durable material, ensuring longevity and structural integrity. LED lighting will brighten the corridors, side entrances will enhance accessibility, and a smart mapping system will guide visitors through the market’s many offerings.

The pathways will be repaved factoring in the souq’s history and traditional aesthetics, and also feature regulatory signage for easy navigation. To enrich the visitor experience, marble benches and artistically crafted sculptures will dot the complex, complemented by the lush greenery of plants and flowering shrubs.

Project plans include construction of an archaeologically themed rest house for shoppers and tourists.

The project’s core objective is to fortify the infrastructure, augment services and amenities, and align the souq’s aesthetics with its historical and cultural identity. It is expected to bolster both the market’s commercial prospects and tourism appeal, the municipality stated.

Elaborating on other initiatives to propel Muttrah’s development forward, an official from the municipality informed about a proposal for a multi-level parking facility in the Al Areen area to alleviate traffic and promote local trade and tourism.

Additionally, a collaborative effort with the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Water Resources is set to introduce a flood risk mitigation system, safeguarding the souq and its surroundings.

To facilitate these advancements, Muscat Municipality is soliciting bids from consulting firms to conduct feasibility studies, design a detailed layout and supervise the flood protection project.

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