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EA launches project for coral reef conservation in Khasab

5 Jun 2023

Muscat – In a collaborative effort with private sector entities, the Environment Authority (EA) has initiated a project aimed at safeguarding and enhancing coral reefs in the wilayat of Khasab, in Musandam governorate.

The project, to be executed in partnership with the Environment Department in Musandam governorate, entails the placement of 500 environmentally friendly concrete blocks or artificial coral reefs at a meticulously selected site, as determined by the experts from the local environmental department.

The five-year long project involves gradual lowering of 250 concrete blocks into the designated area this year, with an additional 250 to be placed next year. ‘This concerted effort will foster development and preservation of coral reefs, and bolster the region’s fish stock and promoting marine biodiversity’.

The project also includes an extensive field study to be conducted between 2025 and 2027. ‘This study will monitor and assess the growth and sustainability of coral reefs in those chosen areas, providing valuable insights into the effectiveness of such initiatives in protecting and nurturing marine resources.’

EA reaffirms its commitment to conservation and preservation of Oman’s unique natural sites.

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