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Omani biodiesel fuels construction of first gas well-pad for PDO

21 Nov 2021 Omani biodiesel fuels construction of first gas well-pad for PDO By OUR CORRESPONDENT

Muscat – Petroleum Development Oman (PDO) has completed the construction of the first ever well-pad where all construction equipment utilised were fuelled by locally produced biodiesel.

This accomplishment was attained in collaboration with Sarooj Construction Company and Synergy Biodiesel. The constructed PDO gas well-pad is in the Saih Rawl region and was constructed by Sarooj, according to a press statement.

The biodiesel used by the construction equipment was produced by Synergy Biofuels in the first commissioned biodiesel plant in Oman. Using biodiesel in the construction of the well-pad lead to a reduction of approximately 11 tonnes of CO2 emissions.

“We are proud of this achievement which was the result of innovative and collaborative work with Sarooj and Synergy BioFuels. We hope that it will pave the way for similar initiatives and projects as we continue to explore and develop new solutions to decarbonise our business,” said Abdullah al Jabri, chief commercial projects officer at PDO.

“We are very proud to be part of this collaboration with PDO and Synergy Biofuels to deliver this project while reducing CO2 emissions. Sarooj has been committed to invest in transformative solutions to reduce emissions and greenhouse gases, and this project is one step in that direction,” Simon Karam, chairman of Sarooj Construction Company said.

Sarooj has become the first construction company in the MENA region to utilise the first Omani-produced biodiesel to construct an oil and gas well-pad.

“We thank PDO and Sarooj for collaborating with Synergy to utilise its first batch of Omani-produced biodiesel in the oil and gas and construction sectors,” said Anthony Helou, CEO of Synergy.

Synergy had commissioned the first biodiesel plant in Oman earlier in July 2021 in Samail industrial estate.

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