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Omani engineer gets Apple licence to make phone accessories

20 Sep 2021 By MOHAMMED TAHA

Muscat – A young engineer from the wilayat of Sur, South Sharqiyah, has got a licence from Apple to manufacture mobile phone accessories. Saud al Mukhaini is considered to be the first Arab engineer to obtain the licence.

Speaking to Muscat Daily, Eng Mukhaini, said, “I established BRQ Advanced Technology in November 2020. Our company obtained a licence from Apple to manufacture mobile phone accessories such as chargers and cables.”

The Apple Industrial Protocol, or MFI, is an industrial and commercial protocol approved by Apple in 2012. All manufacturers of Apple phones and iPads adopt this protocol to ensure product quality and provide the highest standards of device protection.

“To obtain a licence to manufacture cables and Apple phone accessories, our company signed an agreement with one of Apple’s subsidiaries,” said Eng Mukhaini.
He added that BRQ aims to expand in the local market to ensure that every member of the community has access to quality products.

Talking about the company’s achievements, he said, “I also designed a micro weather station device for use by outdoor workers and adventure enthusiasts. Billed as the smallest weather station in the world, the device is being manufactured by BRQ Advanced Technology. We have also launched six mobile phone accessories this year.”
Of future, he said, “BRQ is considered the leading Omani brand in manufacturing chargers. We are working on plans to raise the culture of using approved products and electrical safety among members of the Omani society.

“We are also working on a cost control plan in the market to provide the latest technologies and the highest quality at the lowest possible cost.”

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