Tuesday, January 18
09:29 PM

Asyad launches Global Logistics Hackathon


Asyad Group on Tuesday announced two major competitions under its Asyad Global Logistics Challenge to be held during the Dubai Expo this year.

Asyad Group’s global challenge – which includes Asyad Global Logistics Hackathon Challenge and Asyad Logistics Startup Challenge – has been planned with an aim to build a global competitive edge based on leveraging big data and promote competitiveness in the logistics sector of Oman.

This will spearhead the innovation of smart logistics solutions that address the challenges of the logistics sector, the group said.

Hackathon challenge

The Asyad Global Logistics Hackathon will be organised in partnership with Hypermotion – the German-originated exhibition addressing the transformation and future of the transport, logistics and mobility sectors – from November 2 to November 4.

It aims to employ data to develop predictive algorithms and solutions to deliver efficiencies and resilience to operational challenges in the logistics sector.

The outputs of this competition will thereafter become the intellectual property of Asyad Group, to be developed and implemented in Oman first, to optimise the competitiveness of its logistics sector.

The contenders who are world-renowned data analysts and scientists will be introduced to the challenges faced by the logistics sector in Oman and invited to come up with innovative ideas that they will discuss and present to the panel of logistics experts. Asyad Group will sponsor and support the local data scientists who will participate in the Hackathon.

Startup challenge

Asyad Group will also organise a local and international logistics startup challenge in order to promote innovation and creating solutions to the challenges faced by the logistics sector.

In this category of the competition, the contenders will present their own innovative solutions and applications before the panel of world-famous experts, which will select and honour the best among them.

This challenge will constitute an ideal opportunity and platform for global startups to present and market their products to global investors and operators.

Asyad Group will coordinate with the Ministry of Transport, Communications and Information Technology, along with other strategic local partners in the local startup ecosystem to provide support and sponsorship to the pioneering national projects and inspiring ideas to participate in Asyad Global Hackathon programme.

“Asyad Global Challenge is part of a series of events that will be organised by Asyad Group at Expo 2020 Dubai to market the competitive services provided by the group and cement Oman’s position as a global logistics hub,” said Juma al Uraimi, group’s acting chief commercial officer.

“To Asyad, leveraging big data will play a pivotal role in leap-frogging the efficiency of the supply chain operations, and engineering customised solutions for our global customers,” Uraimi said.

“This engagement with global data scientists will cement our positioning as an active global participator in the future of the logistics industry,” he further said.

“Innovation is paramount for the advancement and competitiveness of the logistics industry in Oman; whether to overcome the existing challenges or to envision the future of logistics, Uraimi added.

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