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Omani children above 10 years must have IDs


Expatiates need to renew residency 15 days before the expiry

As per the amended Civil Status Law issued through a Royal Decree (No 59/2021) last week, every Omani citizen who is above ten years of age must obtain the civil identity card.

The Royal Decree, published in the Official Gazette, further states that foreigners residing in the sultanate must also obtain a residence card irrespective of their age.

‘Every Omani who is over ten years of age must obtain a civil identity card, and those who are ten years old or younger may obtain the card, subject to the approval of the parents. All foreigners residing in the sultanate must obtain a residence card,’ the Royal Decree stated.

It added that the regulation determines the card’s model, data to be recorded in it, its validity period, the procedures for obtaining it, and the documents necessary to obtain it.

Previously, the civil identity card was mandatory for Omani citizens above the age of 15.

On the other hand, the decree states that anyone who finds an abandoned newborn child must hand the child over to the nearest police station with whatever clothes or items found on the baby, while mentioning the time, place and circumstances in which they were found.

‘The police must release certain details to confirm the discovery of the baby, including the age of the newborn, distinguishing marks, the name of the person who came across the baby, their occupation, and their address. The newborn must then be delivered to a care institution under the Ministry of Social Development, which must immediately take the newborn into its care, and inform the registrar of this development,’ it stated.

Expatriate visa

Also, according to an amended Residence Law, issued through a Royal Decree, expatriates living in Oman must renew their residency 15 days before its expiry.

‘A foreigner must submit a request to renew his residency 15 days before the expiry of his residency, and it is permissible to refuse granting or renewing residency without giving reasons,’ the amended Residence Law stated.

According to the previous rule, expatriates residing in Oman had to renew the residency within 30 days of expiry.

‘The second article stipulated the cancellation of everything that contradicts the attached amendments or contradictstheir provisions,’ the Royal Decree stated.

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