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A visit to Wadi Hoqain

26 May 2021 By RACHEL CHEW

Anybody who has encountered me recently will no doubt have heard me bang on about “my new favourite place”. I plastered photos all over Instagram, Facebook and Tik Tok because this place is truly magical. 

We got up nice and early to try and beat the midday sun, pulled up and straight away jumped in the water, because yes you guessed it, it was already hot. You are greeted by a huge pool which resembles a bit of a lake, with rocky terrain lining its outside. After a little scramble over some rocks you are greeted by another large pool. I casually found myself floating on a palm tree trunk. 

This is where my commentary started. “Oh wowee, this is stunning, wow.” The light bounces off the bright blue water and dances on the stone walls, which we all said looked like lion faces… Long story short, this truly beautiful place gets your imagination going. 

Once you are out of the second pool you come to a white pebbled area which you walk through before you are met with sulphur blue water which you wade through before reaching the third pool which is waist deep. This pool has a mini waterfall and a lot of white sulphur, which if you wish to put on your face like a face mask you can… I warn you; you will be left smelling of gone off eggs. 

After a scramble up the waterfall [it’s not even a metre high, but allow me] you go through what I can only describe as like a mini-rapids at a theme park, where the path is soft, white stone, half a metre wide winding along before being greeted by an open river bed surrounded by trees. 

After turning round and returning through the water pools and climbing back up to the car, we dried off and set off on the five-minute journey to the water fall… Or so they said… According to Google there’s a massive waterfall, there’s even a huge car park for it. This was the most anti-climactic sight I have seen, all we found was a drain pipe. I think if you want to see the waterfall you should go after some rain, or at a different time of year. 

Things you need to know before you go: don’t wear your favourite shoes, I recommend water shoes or old trainers. Definitely, don’t go bare foot as you will need to climb back to the carpark on uneven terrain. Take a water proof bag, most importantly to keep your car keys dry, but also so you can take your phone and take lots of lovely photos and of course sun cream. Most of the time the rocks provide shade for you, but the water pools are open and despite arriving at 9am it was already really hot.


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