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Pink lakes in Al Wusta major attraction for domestic tourists

24 May 2021

Pink lakes in the wilayat of Al Jaser in Al Wusta governorate are a boon to domestic tourism.

According to the Ministry of Heritage and Tourism, these lakes are known for their colour, which make them an attraction for visitors from within the country and outside. 

‘Many tourists throng the site, camping on the soft sands and enjoying the beautiful landscapes,’ stated the ministry.

Pink lakes are located 10km from the centre of the wilayat of Al Jaser to the east. 

There are two more not so popular lakes in the wilayat, added the ministry. 

‘The first is at the end of the paved road, and the other is 1km north of the wilayat, where the same stretch leads to a mud road. Both of them fill up during the high tide.’ 

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