Monday, December 04
05:22 PM

Qaranqasho under lockdown


Today, this space is dedicated to children who celebrated Qaranqasho on Tuesday. On this day, children go out after iftar and Maghrib prayers in groups singing popular songs related to this beautiful tradition.

Qaranqasho is an occasion eagerly awaited by children, as well as adults who make the necessary preparations.

It is a festival for children and they prepare for it several days before the event looking forward to wear new clothes on the day. 

This year, though the day fell during a lockdown it didn’t deter my children from celebrating. They prepared for Qaranqasho for three days even though they knew they would not be going out. They decorated the house and bought gifts to exchange among themselves. There is always a solution for everything.

In the pre-COVID-19 era, dressed in newly purchased traditional costumes and carrying baskets, the children came out in groups and excitedly visited the homes in their neighbourhoods where adults greeted them with sweets, nuts and money that brought smiles on the faces of the children. Appreciating their generosity, children sing the special songs of Qaranqasho.

The tradition contributes to encouraging social communication. It also helps children learn good manners as they go out and socialise with their peers.

In the past, Qaranqasho was celebrated throughout the country in all households continuing until midnight. However, this year Qaranqasho was confined to the period between iftar and Taraweeh prayers owing to the movement ban starting from 9pm. 

Qaranqasho is a revered tradition among locals and celebrated by expatriates, too. 

Looking forward, I hope this pandemic ends soon so that life goes back to normal. Seeing their enthusiasm, many parents, including myself, enjoy joining children in the fun. Till the situation normalises, I hope all the children out there had the best fun-filled evening with their micro families.

Till next time, stay safe and remember to wear a face mask always.


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