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14 Apr 2021

Indus Novateur has been providing comprehensive IT solutions in Oman for over a decade. With presence across the Middle East, India and USA, Indus brings a unique perspective and skillset, developed through its largescale customer base across multiple verticals. 

The diverse experience, know-how and successful deployments over the years enables Indus to apply industry best practices to any SAP implementation requirement. 

Indus also has had the honour of being awarded SAP Best Partner Award for three consecutive years. Indus Novateur partnered with Osool Poultry for a greenfield implementation program that involved a fully integrated and comprehensive ERP solution. This relationship started with Osool Poultry way back in 2016 when they established the organization with the aim to produce 150 million hatching eggs per year to meet the needs of the project’s shareholders and bridge the gap in the sultanate & Gulf market.

 This visionary thought process of Osool Poultry needed commendation in selecting Indus Novateur which required a lot of due diligence as they had the plan to start the Operation in Jan 2021. A long-lasting relationship was sought by Osool Poultry and their conscious choice of SAP Business one and Indus Novateur, an SAP Gold Partner with nativity of Oman shall supplement their growth had been right in all aspects.

 The shareholding capacity of Osool Poultry comes from a varied set of investment companies pooling together 28.86 Million RO out of the total project investment of 61.5 Million RO. Dr. Hadi Mohsin Al-Lawati, Chief Executive Officer of the company noted, “Osool Poultry decided to implement SAP Business One ERP to build capabilities in finance, Poultry Farming, sales and distribution. We wanted our partner to align with our varying objectives – updates to the investors followed by betterment of operational efficiency and part of our continual growth. 

As the project contributes significantly to achieving the government’s efforts and goals targeting economic diversification, development of governorates, and creating job opportunities for Omani citizens in various fields and specializations, we required the transparency, efficiency, and ease of reporting to the diversified stakeholders”. 

He continued, “There were a lot of choices and we chose Indus Novateur for this project as they possessed the skill, expertise in conjunction with flexibility”. It was not about providing a software; it was all about a solution combined with Agility that builds the confidence. The Indus Novateur team can proudly say they had done their contribution in a strategic project like this aiming largely to achieve high self-sufficiency and enhance food security in the Sultanate. Ms.Raji Sriram, General Manager of Indus Novateur noted “The experienced team at Indus understood the goals quickly and was able to contribute towards fulfilling the requirements. The team at Indus had to modify the deployment process. Collaborative working while providing technological advancement was an essential part of this project. The complete project was done in an agile method with quick turn-around on the activities and showing results”. 

Thanking the Osool Poultry Management for the faith imposed on Indus Novateur, she concluded “This success is once again a beginning and Indus would continue to be a technology partner in the future roadmap as well as ensuring the vision of Osool Poultry is converted into reality. Already a dedicated resource has been provided in supporting the regular production activities of Osool Poultry. The testament to our commitment and expertise does not stop here and would continue in the success story of Osool Poultry”.

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