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Outcry over decision on expats’ hotel quarantine

7 Apr 2021

Following the Supreme Committee’s announcement to exempt Omani citizens entering the sultanate via land, sea and air ports from mandatory institutional quarantine, there has been an outcry from the public who said the exemption should be for all or no one. 

According to the decision, Omanis do not have to provide proof of hotel reservation for seven days, which is mandatory for institutional isolation, at the port of entry. The decision came into effect starting Tuesday.

Clarifying the matter, an official of the Relief and Shelter Sector of Ministry of Social Development, said, “The Supreme Committee took the decision to exempt Omanis from institutional quarantine because the percentage of Omanis coming from abroad is very small – about ten per cent of the total arrivals. Violations of institutional quarantine have decreased greatly due to people’s awareness.”

On Wednesday, Muscat Daily’s social media platforms were flooded with readers’ comments to the effect that the exemption should apply to residents too.

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