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CPA warns against manipulation of weight of goods

6 Feb 2021

The Consumer Protection Authority (CPA) has warned against manipulation of weight of goods. 

“Those who resort to manipulation while selling them to customers will be dealt with according to the prevailing laws which forbid such illegal practices,” a source at the authority said. 

“The CPA officials recently arrested some suppliers who manipulated the weight of some products such as bread, margarine, etc. The violation is a fraud, against the law and leads to higher prices,” the official added.

The CPA confirmed that manipulation of weight is considered a violation of the Consumer Protection Law issued by Royal Decree No 66/2014, and in accordance with Articles (19 and 20) of the law.

The CPA urges all suppliers, shop owners and bakery owners not to reduce the weight of any product. It calls upon consumers to report any such suspected practice and also urges the suppliers to comply with consumer protection laws and regulations.

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