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MHD-ITICS places renewed focus on growth & strategic expansion

30 Jan 2021

Mohsin Haider Darwish (MHD) LLC, one of the largest and pioneering business houses in the sultanate which was founded by the late Mohsin Haider Darwish, has announced the creation of the new business cluster ‘ITICS’ to bring a renewed focus on growth of existing businesses, strategic diversification and expansion in the local and overseas markets.

The operations of MHD LLC were recently bifurcated into two clusters: (a) Infrastructure, Technology, Industrial & Consumer Solutions (ITICS), and (b) Automotive, Construction Equipment and Renewable Energy (ACERE). Each cluster is headed by its own chairperson.

Honourable Lujaina Mohsin Darwish, who has been consistently recognised and ranked as one of the most influential businesswomen in Oman and the Middle East, is the chairperson of ITICS. Honourable Lujaina is one of the flag-bearers of Omani women power and has been a trailblazer in uplifting, empowering and inspiring young Omani women entrepreneurs and corporate leaders alike.

The Harvard Business Council 2020 International Awards has recently conferred Honourable Lujaina with Harvard Business Council Leadership Medal and Diamond Executive’s Award in recognition of the outstanding leadership shown by her in the past several years.

Areej Mohsin Darwish holds the position of chairperson of ACERE at MHD LLC.

“The purpose behind the creation of these two clusters is to bring greater focus on improving existing business verticals, as well as to place emphasis on strategic diversification and expansion,” Honourable Lujaina said in an interview.

Kicking off the new year with the strength of MHD Group’s legacy and a renewed focus on business growth and diversification, the newly formed ITICS concentrates on five business divisions of MHD LLC, with each division made up of multiple business units. The five divisions under ITICS are: Infrastructure & Building Systems, Technology & Communications, Industrial Products, Office Products, and Consumer Division.

Headed and guided by chairperson Honourable Lujaina, the ITICS core management team has prepared a three-pronged business strategy: growing existing businesses, expanding into adjacencies and like domains, and diversifying into new business areas.

With the aim of doubling revenues within next four years, ITICS’ diversification and expansion strategy focuses on both domestic and overseas markets, especially in the domains of technology and digital enterprise, through acquisitions and investments.

“My vision for MHD-ITICS is to guide this business cluster to become the dominant entity in all the business domains it operates in, with the largest market share. Our focus is to expand further into regional and international markets, create large employment opportunities for the Omani workforce and become the employer of choice for them, and contribute to Oman’s economic growth,” Honourable Lujaina said.

The ITICS cluster of MHD LLC consists of a very large number of business verticals and it has presence in almost all key areas of business in Oman, be it residential, commercial or industrial. Its Infrastructure & Building Systems Division addresses the areas of commercial airconditioning, commercial kitchens and laundry, commercial and industrial refrigeration, services related to these business verticals, construction material and related products, specialised products for waterproofing, exterior cladding, paints, construction chemicals, and many more products.


The Technology & Communications Division provides products and services for telecom networks to service providers (like Omantel, Ooredoo, Awasr, Oman Broadband), as well as security establishments, ministries, industries like oil and gas, finance, aviation and construction. This division also operates in niche telecom areas like telecom satellite services and telecom managed services in association with telecom operators, and provide telecom network passive infrastructure and services such as supply, installation and commissioning of telecom towers, shelters, power back-up, etc. The division also provides solutions through Telecom As A Service (TAAS) options, Internet of Things (IoT), etc.

The Industrial Products Division of ITICS consists of business units that bring to the market products and services for electrical projects, undertake supply and maintenance of physical security systems such as blockers, bollards, barriers, high-tech fences and gates etc. This division also provides equipment and solutions for weigh-bridges, in-motion weighing and lighting and solar solutions.

The Office Products Division will cater to the requirements of modern offices with multi-function printers, scanning systems and services, fax machines, document management and print management services, robotic process automation, office furniture, etc. Through this division, ITICS will also service the printing industry with high-speed and high-performance production printers, as well as highly sophisticated post-print enhancement equipment, and multi-media printers. They are also engaged in carrying out turnkey jobs related to interiors and decoration of office and commercial spaces.

Honourable Lujaina said, “Due to its unique combination of multiple business activities and the large number of international brands it represents, ITICS touches the lives of almost every member of the society every day, by providing superior products and services for their homes, offices and other workplaces, leisure and recreational areas.”

ITICS is also involved in distribution and retailing of major international brands of mobile devices – mobile phones, tabs, laptops, wearables like smart watches, etc. Its Consumer Division offers the discerning customers in Oman contemporary products for residential and light commercial airconditioning, other home appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines, cooking ranges, freezers, water dispensers, etc. as well as televisions and other consumer electronics.

According to Honourable Lujaina, the reorganisation of MHD LLC into two clusters will allow ITICS to harness the synergies created by the integration of multiple business units and address market opportunities in an efficient and focused manner with greater agility. “This reorganisation will also allow the ITICS management to concentrate on growth, strengthen the business fundamentals of the cluster, and refresh organisational competencies to meet the challenges of the future.”

With a large number of business verticals and its presence in almost all key areas of business in the sultanate, ITICS is uniquely positioned to take advantage of any opportunity that arises due to projects and investments announced by the government and the private sector. The management is now keenly focused on areas of new technology, telecommunications, home improvement, and infrastructure creation.


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