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Home decor for winter

18 Jan 2021

Some of us are in the throes of winter weather right now. Of course, holiday decor typically comes out of boxes and stays through December, but when the month is over, our homes can look oddly out of sorts. Bare, even. According to Homedit.com, an extensive home-focused website that provides inspiration and information about design, there are a few minor changes we can make in our home decor to match the season and carry us through until the warmer weather returns. 


Warm throws

Consider pulling out your softest, warmest throws. Chunky cable knit Afghan exudes cozy warmth during the chilly months. The more textural and neutral the throw, the more inviting it seems to be to curl up inside and sip some hot cocoa, with the promise that you’ll come out when the grass turns green again.


Crocheted throw pillows

Going along with nubby textiles and wintertime, how can you not adore crocheted textural throw pillows? In a warm colour palette, they keep the grey chill of the outdoors at bay and provide softness and warmth from a cozy nook inside. Throw pillows are one of the easiest seasonal swaps to make, and the results in the feel of a space are immediate and powerful.


Bold shades

During the winter, colder weather reminds us of snow and ice, which in turn remind us of white and silver and the cooler side of the colour wheel. A lovely and subtle way to infuse warmth is to accessorise (with artwork or other decor accent pieces) with warmer, sometimes darker colours, such as navy blue or burgundy. This provides a nice contrast to the bright winter whites and takes a little chill off the edges, even if it’s just in our minds.


Warm lighting

Finally, when the days are shorter and light is less intense overall, adding lamplight creates a lovely ambience to your parlour or bedroom. Particularly when evening falls, you can see yourself curling up on this chair and pulling out a good book for the evening. The lamp must provide a necessary function as well as an aesthetic one. As the light draws us in, it gives out a warm vibe.



Warm winter rugs

Winter brings forth warm thoughts about keeping oneself cosy within one’s home for the better part of each day. And, it is all the more important that the accessories within your living room add to the cosy ambience. One way to do it is to add comfortable rugs that add to the warmth within.

“A rug is a great place to start when adding layers to your home to make it all nice and cosy for winter,” says Jodi Hall, visual manager of New York-based West Elm. “It’s also an easy reference when deciding on other pieces, like cushions and throws. Just work with the colours of your rug and you can’t go wrong.”

Choosing a rug can feel a bit daunting, but it needn’t, says Jodi. Start by deciding what floor plan is best for your space. For instance, if you’re looking for a living room rug there are two tried-and-tested layouts. The first is referred to as the ‘classic’, and it’s where you have a sofa or armchairs against a wall. Here, you want the rug to be big enough to fit under the front legs of the furniture, but not stretch as far as the wall. The second is known as the ‘floating’ layout, where your furniture is in the centre of the room. For this, choose a rug large enough to fit under all four legs of each piece of furniture.

Both these layouts work because the furniture is connected to the rug in the right proportions to the room. So everything is visually anchored and balanced. Bedrooms often stump people, but a large rug under the bottom two thirds of the bed always looks good.

Next things to consider are colour and pattern. If the room already has lots going on, a solid colour or neutral rug will bring things down to earth. But if your sofa and other pieces are quite simple, a patterned rug will make them pop. 


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