Monday, August 15
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5.5km Yanqul internal road opens for traffic

16 Jan 2021

The Ministry of Transport, Communications and Information Technology has opened the 5.5km Yanqul dual carriageway internal road, starting from Al Aqdah roundabout in Yanqul and ending at Yanqul Hospital intersection.

The project included the establishment of several services such as three locations for pedestrians crossing, 129 LED lighting poles, and service roads to serve the residential and shopping areas.

The road’s significance is seen in the benefits it offers to the wilayat of Yanqul’s centre, significantly reducing traffic congestion, easing commuting and revitalising commercial activities.

The ministry is continually expanding its main and secondary road network and raising road efficiency and dualisation while according traffic safety the highest of priorities during the design and implementation of roads. 

The ministry is also involved in linking rural areas to urban centres by expanding the dirt road network.

The total length of paved roads falling under the ministry’s remit as of the end of December 2020 topped around 15,000km, while graded roads connecting small villages to urban centres was over 17,000km.

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