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Eye for an eyeliner

19 Oct 2020

Using eyeliner by oneself is an art. And many ladies have mastered this art for themselves. After ll  if you can never be satisfied by the job done by your beautician or an obliging friend, the best option is to do it yourself.

Being dexterous with the brush is the key to good application of eyeliner. More so, having a really steady hand combined with a creative bent of mind.



First know the basics about products available in the market.  There are three basic types of liner – pencil, gel and liquid. You might want to use a branded product, and stick to it, since you don’t want to harm your eyes with cheaper options.

Pencil eyeliner is easy to apply but often doesn’t spread as smoothly or thickly as gel or liquid liners. Gel liners glide on easily and are available in a little bottle with a brush. Liquid liners are used for their precision and usually come in a tube with a small brush. These take some time to dry after application.

Choice of shades

Remember, the shade of liner reflects not just your personality and mood but also conveys the impression you want to make. Black creates a striking and bold effect while browns leaves behind a smoky effect. Grey, on the other hand, has a softer and brighter effect while navy blue or green gives off a trendy vibe. You may also use glitter for a glamourous look as well as a white lower line to enhance the size of your eyes.


Be steady

Everyone struggles with being shaky as you approach the eye for application of liner. However, you can solve this very easily – sit down at your dressing table, place your elbow on a steady surface, rest the little finger of the applicator hand on your cheek to stabilise your hand and gently begin the application in one quick, even stride.

With pencil, you can create progressive dashes from corner to corner while with liquid you can place a series of dots and then connect them, if you cannot do it in one smooth stroke.


Expert tip

Never pull the skin on the side of your eye, with the other hand, while applying liner, it can distort the final result. If you mess up, clean up the line with a make-up remover soaked cotton swab. However, minor smudges can be cleverly covered up with a dab of primer/concealer or clear lip gloss.

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