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Owners of stray animals to be fined

26 Jul 2020

The Ministry of Regional Municipalities and Water Resources (MRMWR) has issued a decision on seizing stray or neglected animals and imposing fines on the owners. The decision also stipulates the municipal authorities to set up sheds to house stray animals while charging the owners for each day’s stay at the shelter. 

According to the decision, stray or neglected animals include horses, cows, goats and lambs or any animal left by its owner or the person responsible for its well-being to stray around without supervision.

According to the Article 7 of the decision, it is forbidden to leave animals loose or neglected or allow it to graze in cities and residential areas or less than one kilometre from public roads. ‘The competent municipality shall set up sheds to hold stray or neglected animals and deliver food and water. It is important to take care of any captured animal, isolate the injured animal, and provide necessary medical treatment,’ states the decision. 

It adds that a register shall be established in each competent municipality in which the data of the person who delivered the stray animal shall be recorded, including the date and type of animal. “The competent municipality will impose fine on the owner of neglected animals and the municipality must hand over the stray or neglected animal to its owner by confirming his details after collecting fines,” the statement said.

According to the Article 6 of the decision, the competent municipality shall obtain from the owner of the stray animal a daily upkeep charge of RO150 per day for every camel or horse, RO50 for cows and RO10 for goat, sheep or any other animal. 

A one time fine of RO100 for each camel/horse, RO50 for each cow, and RO30 for each goat, sheep or any other animal will also be charged. 

The fine shall be doubled in case the violation is repeated during the same year.

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