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Lockdown tales: Word of art

13 May 2020

When the decision to lockdown Muscat was declared, many self-styled professionals were left stumped as some of them had unfinished projects on hand which they themselves have to complete. For Farideh Zariv, an Australian-Iranian artist, the situation was much the same as she had been planning an upcoming solo exhibition.

Zariv had come from Australia last year with her husband Nasser Palangi, also an accomplished artist. During the lockdown period, she has been working as an artist on different projects, one of which was an upcoming exhibition – Word of Art – which will be held at the Stal Gallery subsequently. 

She has also been working on art projects that she hopes to do in the near future and has been compiling information as well as completing artworks that have been left unfinished for those projects.

“The most important thing that I have been doing during this time was setting up a healthy diet and exercise plan for myself – I håve been walking for one hour daily in AlMouj,” she says, adding, “I have also been watching movies on YouTube about different art techniques, movies about interior designing , and movies about the history of world cinema. I am also keeping myself up-to-date on the world’s artistic trends by looking at art biennial films and art exhibitions in museums.”

And to balance her artisitic attitude to life, Zariv says, she could not escape the routine tasks at home – housework and cooking. But, what really kept her spirit flagging was making art training films for online learning activities.

Zariv said, “The films are educational. For example, I know a lot of painting techniques, which I do one by one and film them, so people can do those themselves by watching this movie.” She hopes to soon start online training for groups of interested individuals.


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