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Positive but still positive

15 Apr 2020

I am an Indian expatriate worker in Oman. I’m in isolation right now. Dear friends, acquaintances don’t be worried for me. I am safe.  I am sharing my experiences to let all of you know how I landed in an isolation ward and what has happened since then. 

The news of the coronation of the coronavirus spread like wildfire and we, like everyone else, were aware of it. Therefore, we took  adequate precautions to stay untouched.  But when we came to know that a person in a flat nearby had tested positive for coronavirus, we decided to go get ourselves tested. Neither did we have any direct contact with him nor did we experience any physical discomfort. 

But still…we had to be sure. Ten of us went to a private hospital in the city. When the test results came all but one tested positive and so, we had to go into isolation.  I have been in the isolation ward for over a week now. Everything is going well here. There are people to ensure that food and medicines are served at the right time. One gets more security and care here than at home.  

So, why do I write this letter? Well, it is to show that this is not the end of the world. This illness will go in some time but for that it is important that we cooperate. Everyone thinks we won’t get sick. But this virus has proved everyone wrong. It can infect anyone, at any time, if not careful.  

The government, health workers and the police are working day and night to protect us from getting sick. We should honour their sincerity and hard work and be grateful. If you have any symptom do not hide it. Go get yourself tested. And if you test positive, don’t worry get treated. There is nothing to fear. 

This disease is contagious but it can be treated if detected at the right time. Many people think this sickness means losing one’s job. Don’t fall for such things. We should be grateful to this country, its ruler, and its people. Remember them in your prayers. Hoping to get back to good health and normal life soon. 


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