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Separated, stranded they yearn to be with families

14 Apr 2020 By ANIRBAN RAY

To tackle COVID-19 virus, countries across the world imposed several measures including closing airports and other means of transport. These measures caught many people off guard. 

While some were lucky enough there are still many others who are waiting for the safety measures to be lifted so that they can unite with their loved ones. 

Muscat resident Rashmi Sahay who had gone to India last month to meet her ailing father, said, “I came to India to see my ailing father who passed away on March 19. I decided to be with my mother for a few days, but sadly the lockdown happened at the time and flights were cancelled as a precautionary measure against the spread of the coronavirus. I am here while my children (10 and 6 year old) are in Muscat with their father.” 

Rashmi wishes authorities can help her unite with her family. “I am restless and I want to go back to my family. Although my husband calls me every day and I see my children [through video calls], I know that they are eager to meet me. I am confident the authorities from Oman and India will do their best to unite such families at the earliest.” 

Abdul Rahman Khan, a Pakistani national working as an IT expert had sent his wife and children to Lahore to attend a family wedding. He was planning to join them after a few days. “Due to the confusion regarding the deadline about the last flight back to Oman I could not get my family back. Tickets too were not available and thus my wife and children are stuck there for now.”  

Halima Mohammed, a student of accountancy at Axis Institute in Ghubra said, “I am from Kapuriapara in Bangladesh. My mother and me are stuck in Bangladesh as our flight was on March 19 but we couldn’t fly back due to cancellations.  

“My whole family stays in Muscat – father, brothers and sister. I travelled to Bangladesh because I had some health issues.  

“We both want to go back as soon as possible. It would be really good for us and our family.”  

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