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40,000 students use distance learning system

11 Apr 2020

The technical colleges at the Ministry of Manpower (MoM) are using distance learning system to ensure the completion of the remaining curricula of the second semester of nearly 40,000 students. 

This is through the use of e-learning and distance learning systems, in response to the decision of the Supreme Committee on coronavirus (COVID-19), which required the suspension of studies in all educational institutions in the sultanate. 

This comes within the framework of the ministry’s efforts, represented by technical colleges, since its establishment to develop the infrastructure for information technology by providing all systems, applications, services and networks that support the educational process. 

The Higher College of Technology was also distinguished by being the main centre of the Cisco Academy in the sultanate, where the academy provides students with the practical skills necessary for networking, through obtaining professional certificates issued by the company. 

To achieve the goals of e-learning and distance learning, the colleges used various technologies, including (model) platform as a main window of interaction between students and e-learning systems, while the lecturer was provided with three systems, namely Microsoft Team, CISCO WEBEX and Big Blue Button. 

The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority has made available other technologies that can be used by lecturers to enable them to download or broadcast educational materials for students as well as to interact with them directly, including ZOOM, Skype and Hangout programs.  

These systems and programmes are expected to enhance the capabilities of young people. Nearly 40,000 male and female students in the seven technical colleges are using these platforms and programmes, as the colleges broadcast lectures in the fields of engineering, information technology, business studies, applied science, photography, fashion design and pharmacy while allowing download of some lectures on the platforms so that students can access them and use them for their studies.

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