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30 types of commercial firms allowed

11 Apr 2020

The Ministry of Regional Municipalities and Water Resources (MRMWR) has ordered for closure of all commercial and industrial activities in the industrial areas. 

However, the ministry has confirmed that activities and shops that have concluded contracts with government and commercial entities will only be exempted from this decision. 

According to the MRMWR, only 30 types of commercial activities can  operate provided they take the required preventive measures. 

The ministry said the decision is in accordance with the measures stipulated by the Supreme Committee for dealing with COVID-19 pandemic. 

The ministry has warned that those involved in carrying out these activities must adhere to the necessary preventive measures (service delivery sites, workers and visitors) in addition to organising service delivery process. Necessary legal measures will be taken in accordance with the laws and decisions against those violating the  decision.

Who can operate

Shops selling foodstuff items 

Restaurants, cafés and mobile cafés (delivery only)  

Medical and veterinary clinics 

Pharmacies Optical shops  

Fuel stations  Gas distribution outlets  

Gas distribution delivery vehicles  

Bakeries and bakery shops  

Water bottling factories and water distribution shops  

Dessert making outlets  

Food industries 

Shops selling fodder and grains  

Meat and poultry shops  

Shops selling fish items  

Ice cream, corn, sweets and nuts’ shops 

 Shops selling vegetables and fruits  

Juice selling shops  (delivery)  

Mishkak selling shops (delivery)  


Shops selling honey 

Dates selling shops  

Animal and poultry farms  

Shops selling and repairing tyres, electric cars; oil change and car wash outlets in fuel stations and industrial areas only  

Shipping and customs clearance offices  

Shops selling sanitary and electrical materials (delivery requests only without receiving  customers in the shop) 

Non-food stores (for storage purposes only) 

Sale of fishing accessories (for delivery only) 

Sale and maintenance of water pumps   (for delivery only) 

Laundry outlets (only those with contracts with government agencies and private and tourist health institutions only) to work; it is prohibited for them deal with the public 

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