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Sandan Development opens industrial city in Halban

8 Mar 2020

Sandan Development celebrated the official opening of the industrial city of Sandan under the patronage of H E Sheikh Saif bin Mohammed al Shabibi, Minister of Housing on Thursday. It will be the first exhaustive, full-service industrial city managed by the private sector in the sultanate. 

Sandan city, located in Halban area and bordering Muscat Expressway, is considered a unique model.  

Sandan is known for the integration of its industrial and commercial activities specifically when it comes to cars and construction materials in the light of the amount of services the city provides to cover all aspects of life. It includes banking services facilities, communications, travel agencies and touristic attractions, restaurants, coffee shops, medical clinics, apartments known for their diverse range of spaces, a gas station in addition to a mosque.  

Sandan is a city known for being the home of certain government offices as well as other clearance offices facilitating businesses in a way that made it an exhaustive industrial city of its own. 

H E Sheikh Shabibi toured the city, where he was introduced to its various facilities including car  shows, services providing facilities and workshops. He praised the efforts exerted to regulate businesses and facilitate procedures either for those working in the city or for its daily visitors.  

H E Sheikh Shabibi said, “Sandan represents a modern model of exhaustive industrial cities, as those involved in its establishment were keen on providing all service facilities including governmental services relevant to business conducting which is deemed a key player in the process of boosting commercial as well as industrial progress.” 

He added that the industrial city of Sandan would provide many alternatives for car shows and workshops owners to conduct their business in an independent area located away from populated areas which would help reduce traffic congestion.  

Mohammed bin Sulaiman al Kindi, chairman of Sandan Development, said that Sandan Development is proceeding with developing its projects including the female students housing complex in Al Koudh and Alsaif housing complex project in Al Ashkharah. 

He added that Sandan Development is keen on carrying out projects that echo community needs all over the sultanate in accordance with a clear strategy aiming at providing the requirements of all categories and boosting the development movement that the sultanate is currently witnessing. 

Ali Hassan Sulaiman, CEO of Sandan Development, expressed his contentment for the opening of Sandan city, as it is a unique model for conducting commercial and industrial businesses.  

The city has been modified to meet the requirements of the current phase. He also pointed out the city’s remarkable success in attracting many commercial and industrial activities specifically in car trade which made it a main centre for such trade. The city has tens of car shows in addition to the largest centre for second hand cars ‘scrap’ and various workshops. The industrial city of Sandan includes other cars-related activities such as the traditional car auction as well as the silent car auction, which is supplied with up to date systems and managed by Copart – the global leader in online car auctions. 


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