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At the heart of adventure: A citizen’s ode to Oman

3 Mar 2020

Behind every great adventure are the stories that inspired it. Omani photographer Omar Ahmed al Busaidi too wanted to share his stories and experiences of Oman’s best adventure sites. 

Busaidi’s travel experiences are compiled in a book titled Adventure tourism in Oman. The book was on display at the Muscat International Book Fair and drew a good number of visitors.  

Speaking to Muscat Daily, Busaidi said, “This book is a labour of three years. I started work in 2017. With each chapter I aim to give readers a peek into the adventure tourism in Oman.” The 224-page book is a perfect guide for travellers wishing to explore Oman in its adventurous glory.  

“In the book I have included some of my best adrenaline-pumping feats from mountain climbing to the beautiful caves and swimming in the emerald water pools. Readers can get a hang of every landscape that Oman possesses.  

“I have recorded pictures and information on 15 tourist sites. These include about eight valleys, four mountain trails and three caves such as Al Hoota Cave and Al Tahiri Cave.” 

Busaidi through his book seeks to showcase to the world the hidden treasures of Oman.  

“There is a map and a barcode in the book to assist adventure lovers to easily find mountain roads and reach the places mentioned. The book is also available in English. I also wish to come out with the second edition of the book. My work is sure to add to the country’s tourism.” 

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