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Workshop to outline issues bothering online shoppers

13 Feb 2020

How much do you shop online in Oman? Do you shop often or once in a while? What are the things that you look for before making a purchase online? Why many MENA consumers are hesitant to shop online and those who do, why do they spend less compared to consumers in other regions of the world?


A workshop to address all these issues will be organised in Muscat on February 25 by Consumers International, a global voice for the consumers.


Consumers International surveyed online consumers in Oman, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia and Egypt to help understand MENA consumers’ experiences with e-commerce, privacy and online security in a diverse range of markets. “Despite the growth of e-commerce, consumers have low trust in online payments and face problems including unreliable service and a lack of information in local languages. These factors may contribute to why many MENA consumers do not yet shop online, and those who do, spend less money compared to consumers in other regions of the world,” said Aziza Mourassilo, regional networker-middle east, Consumers International.



The Middle East office of Consumers International will organise the ‘Trusted E-Commerce’ workshop in cooperation with the Public Authority for Consumer Protection and other organisations.



A number of legal experts in ICT and consumer protection from inside and outside Oman, in addition to a group of government institutions, businesses and consumers will discuss common problems and challenges at a global level and how to maximise benefits and minimise damage to consumer.



The workshop will discuss several topics, including best practices worldwide of how consumers can be protected in e-commerce and how they can secure their rights.



The workshop will also explore ways of building trust and suggest a consumer protection toolkit involving all stakeholders who will have the opportunity to exchange ideas and work together to find ways of making shopping online, easy and appealing experience, therefore increasing the percentage of e-commerce transactions and minimising the risks and concerns of consumers throughout the MENA region.



Consumers International is the membership organisation for consumer groups around the world. It has over 200 member organisations in more than 100 countries to empower and champion the rights of consumers everywhere.

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