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Foreign Direct Investment

10 Feb 2020

How do you think the new law which lifts restriction on the minimum capital limit for FDI is good for Oman?

Eng Zakariya al Sadi

Government employee The new law will help reduce prices, raise product efficiency and develop local infrastructure as well. It will also create job opportunities for more citizens and align them with the market needs.













Musab Zuhair al Farsi

General manager This law will be a boost to launch several new product lines and businesses. It will enable companies to float competitive market rates and partially solve unemployment issues.









Muna Basheer al Zadjali

Private sector employee Omani companies stand to achieve a lot from this law. It will help Oman project itself as an investment destination and it will be able to attract foreign capital investment. Oman is considered a safe and stable country where investors can enjoy protection through laws with guaranteed rights.






Siji Abraham

Legal consultant The new foreign investment law is aimed at creating a conducive environment for investors, and boost their confidence on Oman and encourage them to commit to new projects. This will generate employment opportunities for Omanis. The resources and geographical location of the country will be put to better use with this move.






Priyanka Mohan

Software engineer The new Foreign Capital Investment Law will help Oman transform its economy thereby increasing job opportunities. It will also help the manufacturing and services sector to develop which will boost innovation. This will in turn give Oman access to the latest technologies and operational practices from across the world.








Saji Uthuppan


FDI will play a pivotal role in Oman’s economy. It will be able to generate more job opportunities and welcome more foreign investors. It will also enhance the position of domestic manufacturers and subsidiary businesses. Thereby, the new law of minimum capital limit for FDI will boost the economy of Oman in the near future.








Mohan Anandan

Banking sector employee No doubt, the new law would tremendously boost foreign direct investment in the country. The political stability and Oman’s stature as a peaceful and peace-loving country in the GCC region, with adequate corporate governance and regulatory framework would also bring in more FDI to the country.










Muthumari Pandian

Homemaker Such laws provide a sustainable environment for investors. It has several advantages. This law will play a vital role in attracting foreign investments and bring stability to Oman. It will also increase the implementation of modern technologies. This will support economic diversification and create a positive impact.









Bader al Harthy

Private sector employee I think that it is an excellent decision by the government and I welcome it. This will pave way not only for businesses but also encourage innovative ideas from people. Like-minded people will now collaborate to boost the overall growth of the country.













Moulika Patel

Homemaker The new law that lifts restriction on minimum capital limit for foreign direct investment is good for Oman and it will be a win-win situation. It will boost the economic development of the country. Most important is that it will create job opportunities for the national cadres.










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