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Oman Water Hub to create synergy among experts

6 Feb 2020

Ejaad organised a workshop to launch the first Water Community of Practice (CoP) in Oman called ‘Oman Water Hub’ on Wednesday at Innovation Park Muscat. The workshop was attended by a number of water researchers and professionals.


Oman Water Hub is considered the first CoP in water area at the national level. It aims to connect water experts and researchers on one platform, to share lessons learnt and best practices in water area, to integrate the national efforts in research and innovation, through accumulation of the members’ knowledge and expertise.


It will also help share relevant information in the right time by improving innovation and decision-making, and align resources from members towards water events.


The Oman Water Hub vision seeks to create a strong synergy among all water professionals towards building Oman’s first Water Center of Excellence. In its initial phase, the themes of Oman Water Hub are water management, water treatment,cutting-edge technologies, and standards and regulations in the field of water.


The launch was attended by a number of water experts working in government entities, companies and research and academic institutions. During the workshop, a brief about Ejaad was presented and its role in framing knowledge management efforts in Oman starting with water area. It also discussed the challenges that professionals face to reach the right expertise and knowledge in the right time, and the solutions provided by Communities of Practice to overcome these challenges. The members also discussed the Oman Water Hub Charter and agreed on the next steps to advance the CoP towards establishing Water Center of Excellence.


Ejaad was established in 2018 as a partnership between The Research Council, Ministry of Oil and Gas, and Petroleum Development Oman, to be a catalyst of collaboration between industry, academia and government organisations. It aspires to develop a homogeneous and sustainable R&D ecosystem by strengthening synergies between industry, academia and government, providing consultancy services in the areas of focus and stimulate the establishment of centres of excellence in moving forward to enable Oman Vision 2040.

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