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‘Traditional methods of heating can be harmful’

30 Jan 2020

As temperatures drop heating inside houses may become necessary but traditional methods of doing so can be harmful, said a Ministry of Health expert.


“In cold weather some people use the traditional methods of heating inside the house. These traditional methods include the use of firewood, charcoal or kerosene. Some others sleep in the car and keep the engine running and use the car’s heating in poorly ventilated conditions,” said Dr Walid al Skaiti, Emergency Medicine specialist at Ibri Hospital.


These traditional methods of burning wood and coal produce toxic gas like carbon monoxide. It becomes dangerous when there is lack of ventilation, Dr Skaiti said.


“People will avoid all the dangers if they do not use traditional heating in enclosed houses. People should not leave burning coal indoors and go to sleep either.”


The doctor said carbon monoxide poisoning can be fatal and in such a case people may have headaches and heart rate disorders.


They should rush to the nearest health institution for a clinical examination, he said.

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