Saturday, February 24
07:54 AM

Green carpet covers Muscat mountains


Inspiration is short-lived and so is the green moss over the dry mountains in Muscat. The pacifying weather coupled with occasional showers and winds have gradually transformed the once rugged mountain terrain into lush green vegetation.


The pleasant weather has helped in giving a facelift to the city and the beautiful mountains attract people for different reasons – wonder, romance and photo shoots.


Bader al Harthy, an avid independent photographer and nature lover, said, “This is the best time to enjoy the rare views of the mountains in and around Muscat. Whenever I drive from my home in Seeb to my office in Ruwi, I make sure I pass where there are mountains just to enjoy the views. The combination of greenery and brown make it very cinematic.”


However, nature enthusiasts say that this phase is short-lived and as the mercury is set to rise, the green will be soon gone.


Asila al Naamani, an office clerk and nature lover, said, “I know this phase is short-lived and I make sure I enjoy the views every evening before sunset. I like to go to the Amerat-Bausher road because it is the place where there are high mountains and the way they have turned greenish. It creates some kind of visualisations like how Oman would be so beautiful if the weather would remain like this.”


“The way the mountains are covered with some greenery reminds me of khareef season and mountains in Dhofar. So, we should not miss the charms that Muscat, which is a combination of modernity and nature, has to offer,” she added.


The moment is also creating better opportunities for trekkers. “Mountain trekking is the best way to explore and enjoy Oman’s natural beauty and during this time, trekkers become more active. We do not engage in trekking for adventure and as a sport activity alone, we also enjoy the nature. Greenery of course adds to the beauty,” said Lovel Balakrishnan, a trekking enthusiast.


The Ministry of Tourism said,trekking season runs from September to May, but the best time for hiking is between October and April because of cooler weather

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