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Business leaders, entrepreneurs to attend Global Leadership

20 Jan 2020

Smart Waves International is hosting ‘Global Leadership Forum’ on January 22 at Kempinski Muscat Hotel. At this one-day event, companies and organisations in Oman and across the GCC will have a great opportunity to be trained and inspired by two legendary speakers and trainers: Nick Vujicic and Adriana Marais. As a strategic partner to ‘Global Leadership Forum’, Muscat Daily caught up with Dr Sepehr Tarverdian, CEO and chairman of Smart Waves International for an interview.


Please provide some background on what you have been doing so far in this field of organising and planning events.

We have been running over 300 international forums and seminars over the past 15 years in the Middle East, mainly in Dubai, Tehran, Istanbul and Muscat with over 500 international speakers and celebrities. We have received different awards in the past 15 years from top agencies, universities and government bodies which have all named Smart Waves International as ‘The Best in Class’, and ‘The Best in Event industry’.


Why did you decide to plan and run ‘Global Leadership Forum’?

Leadership today is one of the highest priorities for economic, social, and cultural prosperity and success. Our communities very much are in need of new and more developed leaders. I believe we should invest more in terms of time, cost and energy on the issue of developing and creating new, young and creative leaders. They will be the guarantee for the future success of a country. A country’s economy is built upon its successful businesses and companies, and indeed, successful companies are built upon their successful leaders. Leadership training is very essential.


Please explain why your company has chosen Nick Vujicic and Adriana Marais?

This is a very good question. Nick is now an icon of ultimate success with all sorts of possible limitations. Can you just imagine for a moment you live without having hands and legs? You can’t even eat your food and water. Anyone in his situation would have given up on life, and perhaps would suffer from all sorts of depression, let alone the huge possibility of committing suicide.

However, Nick has shown that the sky is the limit. No matter what circumstances you are in, you must not give up. He has shown the world over all these years that your attitude in life will determine your altitude in life.

We need to see him in person and learn from him how to overcome all the adversities in life, and prosper. We all need to see how we can make a positive difference and a memorable impact in the world.

The same is true with Adriana. She is going to be the first human ever on Mars. She is so inspiring to every single one of us. They are the ones who are pushing the boundaries. They are the ones who prove to us that nothing is impossible. We must be proud to have such amazing souls and beings with us in Oman, who will very much inspire, and train and motivate us.


Who will be your audience at this event, and how has the public interest been?

Our audience for this specific event are the young leaders, business owners, students and entrepreneurs in Oman and from other GCC countries. They are all very much excited and interested in joining us at this event. They are loving the speakers of the event and have welcomed the event so much, like never before. We also have over 15 sponsors for this amazing exceptional event.


Can you elaborate and explain more about what will be discussed at this event and what should the audience expect from the speakers?

Here are the main topics that the speakers will discuss at the event:

  • Nick will be speaking on new year 2020 resolution for Omani companies, celebrating successes of 2019.
  • Setting goals and achieving them, how to fulfill your personal and company dreams and goals.
  • Overcoming challenges and crisis in business, the importance of having determination, will and belief.
  • How to become a super business company in 2020 in Oman.
  • Differentiate your brand and company from other competitors and attract more customers, more market share and more profits.
  • The power of belief and determination, and how to make a difference in people’s lives and make a positive impact.
  • How to achieve a dreamwork with great teamwork.



What would be your next move and event in Oman after this forum?

We will keep our training presence strongly in Oman. We will continue to plan and run forums in the fields of HR, leadership, marketing, success and motivation. We are bound to make a positive impact and a massive difference for Oman’s business community and the lives of young leaders and entrepreneurs.

Our next event will be on March 18 on ‘Human Resources Management and Talent Management’ with some of the world’s best HR gurus and experts.


Is Smart Waves International an Omani Company?

Yes, Smart Waves is an Omani company. The company is registered in Oman and run by the most talented young Omani leaders and executives mixed with some international experience and leadership.


And last but not least, who is a great leader in your own opinion? What makes a true leader?

I believe a true leader is the one with some major characteristics. A true leader is a great listener. A true leader is the one who solves the problems and can come up with solutions at all critical conditions. A True leader is also a great reader and learner. He or she always learns and commits to education. 

A true leader can inspire others and make them move and make a difference. A leader will not be reactive, but because of all his elevation of wisdom, he will be responsive. A true leader always leads by example, is patient, and always helps others hand in hand.

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