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Expatriate wins title at Miss & Mrs India Asia Pacific

22 Dec 2019

Bharati Nayak, an Indian expatriate based in Oman, was awarded the ‘Mrs Glamorous’ title at the Miss & Mrs India Asia Pacific 2019 – Season II held in Bali, Indonesia recently. Speaking to Muscat Daily, Bharati said she participated in the ‘Mrs Category’ as a finalist in the Grand Finale held in Bali. 

She said that there were ten finalists in Grand Finale from India, Malaysia, Singapore and Sri Lanka. 

She said, “In the Grand Finale night, there were five rounds. The first was ‘Resort wear’ round. Next was ‘Cocktail wear’ round. In those two rounds, all ten contestants participated and performed. Further to this round, all sub-titles were awarded to deserving contestants where I received the Mrs Glamorous title.” 

She added, “Next was to select the top five contestants where the jury selected seven contestants based on their observations and marks, and I was among them. Next round was Question and Answer round where the jury asked questions.” 

She said that the next round was Couture Gowns with designer dress round, followed by the selection of top three contestants. Unfortunately, Bharati couldn’t secure a place in top three. “We had a series of pre-finale rounds during our five-day stay in Bali and all sub-title category winners were decided during those rounds through points and marks from different activities and talents shown by contestants. It was multiple evaluation criteria to win sub-titles like what I achieved.” 

Celebrity VJ Andy and Pooja Bimrah did grooming sessions before the grand finale for all contestants.  

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