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Workplace wellbeing: Meet focuses on aspects to drive productivity

8 Dec 2019

Like their counterparts in many countries, office-goers in Oman too have to cope with long commutes, stress and sleep  disorders.  However, it is great to note that organisations these days know where to draw the line for workplace wellbeing. 

While the existence of employee stress is acknowledged, more efforts are required to manage pressure and anxiety for the betterment of employees and productivity. To address these issues, Wellbeing @ Work Event, an event series taking place in 11 cities globally, will be held at Sheraton Oman Hotel on  Sunday.  

The event provides HR and organisation leaders with the opportunity to learn from experts about the latest wellbeing successes that are enhancing individual and organisational performances across the world. 

According to the employees from different sectors that Muscat Daily spoke to, many said leaders must discuss about their wellness from financial, emotional and physical aspects. They said employees’ wellbeing requires a holistic view to balance work and personal life. 

“We need time to recover from the hectic pace of worklife. Workplace wellbeing is very important. A holistic outlook to manage wellness will not only drive productivity but create a great workplace environment and companies will be the biggest beneficiary,” Maulid al Dhawi, a private sector employee in logistics sector, said. Some say organisations must shift from simply offering wellness programmes to how they do business. 

“Staff need to be happy at workplaces. They should be healthy both mentally and physically and this is where the management comes in. There is a need for them to have time for everything. As an HR professional, employees never want to be pressured for the things they know they can’t do.  “The management needs to come up with new ideas for employee wellbeing. And by doing so, an organisation grows,” Fareed al Musallami, an HR professional and an employee in the banking sector, said. 

Others say that with the right education, skills, motivation and tools, employees can do wonders in an organisation.  “Even if you are a short-tempered person, wellbeing at workplace can bring a drastic change in your attitude towards work. There is a need for wellbeing programmes to ensure better productivity. It’s a win-win situation for both the employees and employers,” said Abdullah al Nammani, an IT employee based in Muscat. 

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