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Film produced in Oman sheds light on importance of adoption

1 Dec 2019

Childhood is the most adorable time for anyone. The memories of the early days of life remain etched in people’s memory.  

Muscat-based Indian community members, recently premiered their short film My Little Brother at Lunar Cinema, Al Araimi Complex in Qurm by capturing this emotion and highlighting the issue of adoption.  

Supported by a beautifully composed background music, the makers of the film captures the hearts of audiences, by showing happiness and uncertainty in the same frame.  

The film also dwells on the issue of loneliness which can be quite a distress for children which can then further shape or mar a person’s personality. The film revolves around a girl who loses her parents quite early in life and is taken care of by her grandfather. Seeing her loneliness, the grandfather decides to adopt a boy child. This change brings happiness in her life.  

The filmmakers through the film throw light on an issue (adoption) that many ignore. The film shows how adoption can not just change the life of the adopted child but also of the family that adopts. The togetherness that a family achieves is beyond words.   The film is now available on YouTube. The cast of the film includes Nandhana M Menon, Abhimanyu Aneesh Chandran, Adhrit Gautham, Varsha Anilkumar, Dr J Retnakumar and Dr Sridevi P Thashnath.    

The film’s music has been done by Deepankuran, son of great musician Sri Kaithapram Damodaran Namboodiri and recorded at D Studio, Cochin. The camera work is done by Saji A, editing Shabil make-up by Nalini. The film has been produced by Athira R and conceived by Ramachandran Nair. 

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