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BAHAR to partner with Apex Media’s ‘BITTER ABOUT LITTER’ campaign

7 Nov 2019

Leading Omani manufacturer, The National Detergent Company (NDC) has signed a headline partnership agreement with Apex Media to align their market leading BAHAR brand with the BITTER ABOUT LITTER campaign recently launched by Apex Media.

Commenting on the partnership, William Hunt, CEO, NDC, said, “BAHAR is a well-known brand in the detergent industry and also Oman’s favourite local brand. BAHAR is a locally produced Arabian product specially designed for Arabian water conditions and it provides the best cleaning power. As part of our environment conscience we like to facilitate and support programmes that promote cleanliness. We have an active school campaign that reaches out to the young students of Oman and educates them about the importance of having a clean environment.

“The reason that we partnered with Apex Media is the fact that BAHAR’s core brand values are aligned to the values promoted by the BITTER ABOUT LITTER campaign. 

We believe that BAHAR can play a big role in promoting positive behaviour towards litter and influencing the way people view their surroundings. The partnership with Apex Media is a step towards increasing our environment consciousness and we are proud to be partnering to protect the environment in Oman and beyond.”

Mark Rix, CEO, Apex Media, said, “It is vitally important that we keep the issue of littering in the public eye. The irresponsible disposal of waste on beaches, in wadis and on the streets is unacceptable and environmentally damaging. BAHAR is our perfect partner in this campaign as they have an impressive track record in clean manufacturing processes and of taking the issue of environmental protection into Oman’s schools, which is exactly how we need to act in order to positively affect future attitudes and behaviour regarding our environment.

“With our significant combined reach of Oman’s citizens, I am sure this ongoing campaign will make a big difference, whilst assisting the relevant authorities in their waste management efforts and ultimately, present a cleaner environment to everyone who lives in or who visits Oman.”

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