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Al Wusta leads in fish production in Oman

23 Jun 2024 Al Wusta leads in fish production in Oman

Muscat – Al Wusta emerged as the top producer of fish among all the governorates in 2023. It produced approximately 250,000 tonnes worth RO100mn, accounting for 36% of the total national production, according to the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Water Resources.

Dr Ali bin Abdullah al Alawi, Director General of Agriculture, Fisheries and Water Resources in Al Wusta, affirmed the government’s keen interest in the fisheries sector. This interest is driven by the sector’s significant contribution to job creation in the governorate, he said.

Dr Ali bin Abdullah al Alawi

At the end of 2023, the governorate registered more than 4,800 fishermen, operating 2,011 fishing boats, 530 fish transport and marketing vehicles, and 149 artisanal fishing vessels.

Alawi highlighted development of the multi-purpose fishing port in Special Economic Zone at Duqm (SEZAD), which includes facilities for maintaining commercial and artisanal fishing vessels, as well as fishing factories, fish selling facilities, and a centre for training fishermen. A network of paved roads has been constructed to support fish transport vehicles.

He informed that the fishing port, spread over 7.5sqkm, and the fish and food industries complex, also covering 7.5sqkm, are pivotal economic drivers in the region. These developments are expected to attract local and international companies specialising in fishing and related industries.

Alawi highlighted the development of the fish and food industries area in SEZAD, which currently hosts several specialised factories for fish canning, fish oil production and related activities. The area is designed to accommodate approximately 60 facilities focused on the fish and food industries sector.

He informed that Al Wusta hosts 61 factories, encompassing facilities for fish freezing and packaging, canning, fish powder and oil production, drying activities, and ice production.

Alawi emphasised on the plans and projects of the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Water Resources aimed at supporting the sector and fishermen. These include establishing factories for fish canning, enhancing the fish market in Mahout, developing the fishing port in Mahout, and expanding the fishing port in Al Lakbi. Additionally, plans involve setting up fish collection centres in Haitam and Ras Madrakah in Duqm, alongside various fish farming projects across the governorate.

According to Alawi, the total investment in current and upcoming projects exceeds RO162mn, with planned fish farming ventures valued at over RO770mn slated to commence soon.

The ministry has introduced multiple investment opportunities in fish farming projects across the governorate. These initiatives include cultivating Indian white shrimp in Mahout, white-legged shrimp in Al Jazar and Bar al Hikman, Omani semolina in Suqra and SEZAD, fin fish farming in Duqm and shrimp farming in Ras Madrakah, all facilitated through the Tatweer platform.

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