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Creativity begins at home…

12 Jun 2024 id design By HUBERT VAZ

If you are seeking to bring in a warm embrace into your exquisite living space, ID Design in Markaz al Bahja, stands out in the fray as a one-stop solution for beckoning furniture and interior accessories with a luxurious touch of class

When the truant rays of summer sunshine filter through silk and satin drapes in your living room, they seek more than just space to romance your interiors… And, if you have laid out your dreams within, with calculated grace and glamour, the room begins to speak even before the silence is broken with your greeting!

Homemakers seeking to spruce up their homes with luxurious furniture and accessories – which convert living space into realms of romance and bliss – now have a friend in ID Design located in Markaz al Bahja mall, where the choices are endless, the possibilities of having exclusivity in interior décor are stringent, and where value for money gets elevated as you savour the virtues of your purchases, quite literally.

“Whether you love what’s laid out in the showroom, or have an elegant concept in your mind, if you  are seeking elegant furniture that livens up your home and adds a touch of class to your lifestyle, we have all the options waiting for you, created by some of the most talented designers who understand customer needs and give you stuff that is luxurious, durable as well as pleasing to the eye,” says Sanjay Yadav, general manager ID Design/Kare – the top two offerings at this outlet.

Contemporary comfort

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Photos: V K Shafeer

For your living room, you can choose a Michelin Sofa with comfortable filling or a Praia Sofa which combines minimalism with timeless elegance. There are contemporary coffee tables in varied shapes and designs and stylish resting chairs, recliners, side-tables, stools and benches, all designed to serve varied purposes of relaxing or entertaining guests.

The elegantly contoured Batilda dining chairs and the cosy Kelly beds contrast the sturdy Havanna beds while lamps, chandeliers and lighting accessories available here to complement all décor elements are not seen elsewhere in the capital. The table lamps themselves provide table décor while every cushion and bolster seems to have a unique story attached.

If one is fond of old-world charm, the Kare collection provides a robust blend of old-world charm and modernity at its best. You have rustic-looking coffee tables, cabinets, corner pieces, dining tables, etc crafted from a variety of woods that have been adapted to suit modern interiors with metals, leathers and embellishments that give them a chic get-up and at the same time serve modern uses.

As for accessories, one can select from a wide variety of lamps and lighting arrangements, table décor with a western as well as Arabian feel, cushions and pillows, carpets and rugs, wall hangings, vases/pots, shelves and showpieces, all of which are one of a kind and not seen at other lifestyle showrooms in Oman. Some of these, especially cushions, can be customised to suit themes and colour schemes of one’s interiors.

Craftsmanship for a lifetime

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The Kare sustainability initiative is evident in the furniture with an aim of ‘doing it better than others’ and are created in humane and fair working conditions to give the buyer a sense of fulfillment and a genuine concern for conservation efforts, recycling initiatives, as well as an eye on keeping the planet healthy. The furniture not only contains natural materials, such as wood, but often also the knowledge of centuries-old traditions of craftsmanship to go a lifetime with the owner.

“Our furniture comes mostly from Europe but we procure our stocks from around the world, especially Germany, Belgium, Holland, as well as ethnic furniture from India. Our style is modern but we have a diverse collection which includes exotic pieces, as well,” said Yadav indicating that the bulk of customers are Omanis who have lived all over the world and are conversant with modern styles of elegance and comfort.

He informed that the style of furniture in predominantly western but for those interested in bringing in an Arabian feel in their furniture it can be done with Arabian accessories, brass fittings, etc. ID Design is from Denmark while Kare is from Germany and both take into consideration the tastes of modern, international buyers, he said.

Yadav also pointed out that this showroom targets retail customers, rather than focus on turnkey projects for corporate clients, though they have indeed catered to the needs of certain prestigious corporate customers/hotel lobbies and villas/residences of some prominent citizens.

Bespoke option

He also stressed that the outlet doesn’t quiet have any direct competitors in Oman as it caters to an exclusive luxury segment – others in the fray are for the masses, he said, adding, “We are meant for only 15-20 per cent of the population in Oman.

Sanjay Yadav, general manager, ID Design/Kare

About bespoke furniture, he said, buyers can customise their furniture, though many offerings are modular and can be rearranged to suit different spaces, and get them created in their favourite shades and fabrics. However, he said, the outlet provides the best advice for clients via talented designers, rather than simply carry out any requirement which may not align with the principles of design that it follows.

Yadav further disclosed that the showroom is planning to soon organise an event wherein customers can directly interact with some of their visiting international designers to create sensational offerings for their homes. The event is expected not only to boost sales but also offer people in Oman a unique opportunity to access many international designers in Oman itself. (Currently a sale with 25-75% off on certain items is on at ID Design)

Designers speak

Here are a few glimpses into the mindsets of some of Kare’s designers:

We don’t make throw-away products. Our mission is to create much-loved pieces of furniture that are the stuff of lifelong friendships

Peter Schonhofen

We save rare handicrafts from extinction through targeted cooperation with artisan workshops and strengthen the solidarity of the local community

Jurgen Reiter

I want to give wood the opportunity to show its unique grain, colours and patterns. To do this, I select solid pieces of oak and put them together at different depths and angles.

Morten Georgsen

Best from the best

ID Design furniture is inspired by nature and designed by leading European designers like:

John Nissen, JF, Kasper Friis Egelund, Anne Rye, Anders Norgaard, Studio North 365º

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