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Photo evidence of traffic violations to help reduce accidents  

9 Jun 2024 How can photo evidence of traffic violations help reduce accidents

State-of-the-art technology complements good governance. Royal Oman Police has introduced a new feature in its mobile app that allows motorists to view images of their traffic violations. What do you think about this decision and what other measures can be adopted to reduce traffic violations? Here is what Muscat Daily readers said – 

Ahmed al Balushi, Driver

We welcome this move. There are times when drivers feel that the police are being unfair; that they have committed no violation. Now with the pictures, there will be more credibility. Some other measures can be installing more cameras on roads where motorist often overspeed.

Diju Parameswaran Nair, Business development manager

Such initiatives are necessary to improve road safety and create awareness among the public to follow traffic rules strictly. All violations should be captured and recorded properly for motorists to see and pay penalties. Digital technology solutions are creating a range of new opportunities to control/monitor and to reduce traffic violations. Automatic alerts and warnings will improve road safety conditions.

Priya Pisharody, Writer 

The decision by ROP to instal cameras that capture images of motorists who violate traffic rules is a very significant move to enable an understanding of their own mistakes and take measures to rectify such occurrences in future. For any kind of accident investigation, such footage can provide valuable evidence. Sometimes, certain locations can be prone to more accidents owing to various factors, which can be assessed from such images. When live feeds are available, every situation can enable quick response from the ROP team. It may be facilitative to provide high resolution cameras for good images. Such cameras need to be placed in strategic as well as vulnerable hot spots for live footage. Special light sensitive cameras may be installed for night time capture of images. A mere fine alone will not help people understand traffic violations; they must be called for interactive lecture sessions to sensitise them to the harsh realities of a careless attitude while driving. Finally, just as it is every driver’s responsibility to understand new traffic rules, it’s also the responsibility of the state to ensure their standards of excellence periodically.

Salim al Abri, Private sector employee

Such innovations are always welcome. It helps to have more trust in the administration. However, I feel that often fines are too harsh for minor mistakes (like unclean cars). Police can sometimes ignore these, but definitely not for habitual violators. Also another idea is to reward good drivers and people with no fines, at least once every six months.

Kamashy V G, Homemaker

ROP’s decision to introduce this new feature of allowing motorists to view their traffic violations in their mobile app is indeed very innovative and useful. This will be an eye opener for motorists to view their violations and also avoid these in the future. This will show the efficiency and accuracy of ROP in issuing fines to violators, which will ensure fewer violations in the future.

Lakshminarayanan, CEO

I am aware of the new rule of being photographed by AI cameras at the event of any traffic violation and I think it has really shown how technology has been integrated into our legal environment. This system has proven to be effective in India and will be in Oman as well. Some recommendations that can be implemented with similar use of AI are traffic signal optimisation (optimise traffic signal timings to reduce congestion and minimise the likelihood of violations) and mobile phone detection cameras to prevent violations

Ofelia V Hassan, Lecturer

This a good decision. Seeing one’s own violations on screen impacts the motorist psychologically, considering the safety and life endangered by the violation, as well as the penalty for not following the rules. Stiffer penalties and sending a warning SMS to the violator instantly after committing the violation can also be introduced. 

Zeenat Chowdhury, Student

The authorities should first monitor all the places where most accidents occur. At times, it’s not the driver’s fault. Maybe the road is improperly designed, speed limits need to be reduced or humps installed. For example, in Hamriya opposite Muscat Pharmacy, accidents are frequent. I’ve lived here since childhood and seen many deaths resulting from accidents. Many people don’t know about zebra crossings, so they don’t use these properly. Additionally, drivers do not always reduce speed when they see a person wanting to cross the road at a zebra crossing. We need a speed hump in Hamriya opposite Muscat Pharmacy. Something must be done about this road.

Raisa Saiki, Entrepreneur

If sponsors consider traffic violations as part of appraisals, the number of violations will dramatically reduce.

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